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TD TMS Software

For Independent Dispatchers & Small to Midsized Carriers

$99.00 per month and a one-time $150.00 setup fee ($249.00 up front and $99.00 per month thereafter)

Every Feature Needed to Efficiently Dispatch

FireShot Capture 205 - TD 3.0 -
FireShot Capture 206 - TD 3.0 -
FireShot Capture 207 - TD 3.0 -

Fuel and Route Planning 

TD 3.0  - Route Planning.png

Large Dispatch Teams

FireShot Capture 208 - TD 3.0 -
FireShot Capture 209 - TD 3.0 -

Carrier & Driver Facing Dashboards

Carrier - TD 3.0 .png
Carrier Dashboard- TD 3.0.png
FireShot Capture 1845 - TOTAL DISPATCHER -2.0 -
FireShot Capture 1846 - TOTAL DISPATCHER -2.0 -
FireShot Capture 1849 - TOTAL DISPATCHER -2.0 -

Driver Check Calls with Broker Notification

FireShot Capture 1847 - TOTAL DISPATCHER -2.0 -


FireShot Capture 210 - TD 3.0 -

Plans & Pricing

Total Dispatcher 3.0 - Professional

$99.00 per month and a one-time $150.00 setup fee ($249.00 up front and $99.00 per month thereafter)

  • Professional Truck Dispatching Platform

  • Cloud-based

  • Performance based by dispatcher

  • Employee reviews

  • Invoicing

  • Revenue tracking by drivers

  • Rate per mile by regions

  • Carrier facing dashboards

  • Smooth workflow

  • Integrates with major accounting platforms (Ask for Quote)

  • Trucks & equipment with fleet maintenance schedule

  • Driver check calls - (Sends GeoMapping notifications)

  • Includes 1 admin and 10 dispatcher seats

  • Support Ticket System

  • Client Pipeline

  • Please allow a minimum of 48 hours setup for branding M-F for TD 3.0

Total Dispatcher.jpg

The $150.00 setup fee is nonrefundable. - Cancel plan at anytime

Orders will be completed in the order that they are received. 


Note: Once you have completed your purchase by clicking on the "Purchase Here!" link above you will automatically be emailed a TD onboarding form which must be completed before we can begin branding your platform. Please check your spam folder for this email or reach out to us immediately to ensure you complete this form.



After your platform is branded you will receive an email with login information from so please make sure to check your spam for this email address. 



Total Dispatcher is not an app that can be downloaded as these platforms are unique and branded to your dispatch company making it impossible to offer an app version.

The advantage of a non app based program is that our development team can work with your company to integrate exclusive features only to your platform at a cost per hour or flat fee per project.

Please contact for your development needs or reach out through our support chat within your platform.

Total Dispatcher_png.png

TD - Enterprise

Call for more information

White Label and customizable to your business needs.

  • Enterprise customization available (APIs)

  • Unlimited admin and dispatcher seats

  • Enterprise support

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