Broker Load Board - White Label

Are you a broker looking to have your own load board or to be able to post your loads?  We have a turnkey solution for bulk upload of of your available freight that allows for carrier bidding.

A seamless exchange of Carrier and Broker information provides for a rapid carrier onboarding experience with the ability for the carrier to bid on your freight. Essentially removing the countless phone calls you incur to negotiate your posted freight you can focus on other business tasks.

A white labeled solution allowing for bulk upload of all types of freight where you can manage all of your carriers even from a back-office standpoint.

Integrates with Google Sheets as well as custom APIs 

Auto fall-off feature removes stale loads from the active loads allowing you to repost if necessary.

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Total Recruit

The software Designed for Logistical Staffing Agencies


The software designed for Logistical Staffing Agencies.

If you are looking for a turnkey solution for driver recruitment then Total Recruit is your answer!

Manage your recruitment staff, assign companies and grant access for carriers to post their own driver jobs from their account.

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Website Development - Dispatchers and Brokers

We offer a wide array of website designs exclusively for the logistics and supply chain arena. 

With the ability to connect many features in Total Dispatcher and our Broker directly into the backend of your website for complete control and streamlining of your operation.